AP Art and Design is taken while students are in high school. Backed by The College Board,®  is a college-level Advanced Placement course which prepares students wanting to submit a college-level quality art portfolio to art colleges or regular universities.  Students can also embellish their high school resume when applying to colleges with this impressive portfolio of work.

There are three different portfolio types (click for more information!):

Within each portfolio, there are two sections:

  • Sustained Investigation: 15 works, some may be supplemental sketches or details of a closely connected theme. Also included is a 1200-character written inquiry statement, as well as a short statement about each work’s process, and materials and size.
  • Selected Works: 5 actual works selected from the sustained investigation that represent your top five works, along with a short statement for each on the idea, materials and size, and the process.

Scoring Breakdown by Section

Choosing the Right Portfolio for You 

Depending on their interests, aptitudes, and skills, teachers and administrators will evaluate students to determine, if undecided, which portfolio type is best for the student.  There is no urgency to make a portfolio decision at the start of the course.