Three times a week

In just three months students will complete up to 80% of their AP portfolio,  meeting online with teacher 3 times a week to produce 10 to 12 works of art.  Certified College Board Score raters and college professors will help students to complete their portfolios so that students can focus on other academic subjects when school starts. Students will cover every type of media and material available including 2-D Design (drawing / digital art), Digital Photography, Mixed Media, Drawing, and 3-D Sculpture.



  • Create high quality work in all types of media and platforms
  • Create work using Elements and Principles of Art & Design
  • Learn to incorporate digital media and new technologies
  • Understand how design effective compositions
  • Develop Ideas through Experimentation, Revision, and Refinement
  • Develop a strong sustained investigation section for the AP portfolio.


Once registered, we will give you an art supply list for this course.