2 Months (Class Meets Once a Week)

♦ Course Description

This online art school course examines the fundamentals of painting with acrylics through a series of assignments that progress from basic to gradually more complex objectives. Students learn how to use paint as a vehicle to describe three-dimensional form, explore methods of composition and grasp the rudiments of color theory. Additionally, historical and contemporary examples of artists’ works are presented in short, informal discussions to further illustrate concepts discussed in class. Call today for more information!

Smiling Girl


  1. Black and White Still Life – Learning to Use the Value Scale
  2. Color Still Life – Understanding Color Interactions
  3. Playing Card Self Portrait – Combining an Expressive Portrait with Graphic Elements
  4. Interior Space – Creating a Believable “Portrait” of Your Own Room

Each painting will take approximately two weeks to complete. This assumes students working regularly outside of class as well.

♦ Required Materials

-Four stretched and primed canvases: 16 x 20 inches.
-Sketch pad, about 9 x 12 inches
-Three or more synthetic bristle brushes, flat, about ¼, ½, and 1-inch wide (natural bristle brushes are OK too); plus additional brushes according to individual preference
-Palette pad or artist’s palette (alternatively, you can use a large serving plate or a pizza pan purchased from a thrift shop)
-Palette knife
-Container for water (one quart or 500ml plastic deli container or equivalent)
-Rags, or roll of paper towels
-Disposable painter’s gloves, several pair

A Painting of a School and a Window

-Acrylic Paints:
1.  Titanium White
2.  Cadmium Orange (or “Cadmium-Free” Orange)
3.  Ultramarine Blue
4.  Cerulean Blue
5.  Hooker’s Green
6.  Cadmium Red Medium (or “Cadmium-Free” Red Medium)
7.  Prism Violet or Manganese Violet
8.  Cadmium Yellow Medium (or “Cadmium-Free” Yellow Medium)
9.  Yellow Ochre
10. Burnt Umber or Raw Umber
11. Burnt Sienna