What is the central idea of your concentration?
The central idea of my concentration evolves around my hands. Drawing my hands is a natural extension of who I am. They are also accessible and interesting to me because the positions are so varied and provided me with endless ideas for my concentration.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? You may refer to specific images as examples. When referencing specific images, please indicate the image number.
I began with close-ups and distortion. In images #2, #3, and #10 I experimented with distorting angles and lenses as well as colors and text to add context to my imagery and juxtapose meaning with the subject matter. In images #4, #7, and #9, the works have a playful and surrealistic feeling to them. In #1, #6, #8 and #12 I rendered my hands using value, line, and line weight.