Meeting 2 times per week
1 hour/class

AP Art and Design is a college-level art program backed by The College Board® that prepares students wanting to submit a college-level quality art portfolio to art colleges or regular universities, or even to embellish your high school resume as you apply to regular colleges.  We have been teaching AP Art and Design for over seven years now, so we are extremely experienced in teaching this course.

There are three different portfolio types:   

Overlap Among Portfolio Types

There is possible overlap among the three portfolios. For example, a student whose work focuses on 3-D art or design could submit, in their AP 3-D Art and Design Portfolio Exam, drawings and/or 2-D compositions associated with their 3-D work. These could include concept drawings of a sculpture or the floor plan of an architectural structure, for example. In planning for and developing their body of portfolio work, students should select a particular focus of 2-D art and design, 3-D art and design, or drawing. As they work, they may make pieces that diverge in format from their selected portfolio type.

For the Sustained Investigation section, AP Portfolio Exams are more likely to be successful in terms of the assessment rubric if divergent forms (e.g., 2-D art and design submitted for an AP Drawing Portfolio Exam) are clearly related to the investigation of stated questions. For the Selected Works section, AP Portfolio Exams are more likely to be successful if divergent forms demonstrate synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas using skills related to the designated portfolio type.

Please note that AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing Selected Works portfolio envelopes cannot accommodate 3-D work. If 3-D work is submitted for the Selected Works section of these portfolios, it must be submitted as a photographic reproduction of the actual 3-D work.


Our program features 1-on-1 teaching and thus can accommodate personalized meeting times. Classes are typically 1 hour long and meets twice a week at a time that works for both the teacher and student.

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