1. Join The Human Tradition Of Art

    The earliest known cave paintings of animals were found in Maros, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. According to datings, they were created approximately 35,000 years ago. The earliest known cave paintings of human figures were found in France’s Chauvet Cave, and they are estimated to be about 30,000-32,000 years old. From our earliest beginnings as humans, we have always been compelled to e…Read More

  2. The Benefits Of Our Online Art School Classes

    Our online art school makes it possible to reach students from all over the world. iArt Institute is pioneering new ground in this effort. We are provide equal opportunity learning with all the benefits of in-class instruction through our personal, one-on-one online teaching methods. The current challenges facing traditional colleges and universities, including higher tuition, budget cuts, and co…Read More

  3. Strfkr-eletronica band

    Starfucker’s album images Starfucker, briefly known as PYRAMID and Pyramiddd, is an electronica band from Portland, Oregon formed in 2007, initially started as a solo project for Joshua Hodges          More : http://strfkrmusic.com/  …Read More

  4. At Met, Park Views Big and Small

    This year’s exhibition on the Met’s roof garden, which opens Tuesday, is also a study in perspective, but this time the beauty and impact will be the diminutive nature of its creation. The Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi, who is known for his painstaking brushwork in the style of the 16th- and 17th-century Mughal miniaturists, is conceiving a site-specific painting that will be directly on the …Read More

  5. The Demented Imagineer- Artist Paul McCarthy

    The Snow White project, which will make its debut at the Park Avenue Armory in New York on June 19, is — even for an artist whose subject is outsize spectacle — a monster. It necessitated the creation of an 8,800-square-foot artificial forest, filled with glowering brown plastic-foam trees whose branches undulate more than 20 feet into the air, concealing in their midst what enchanted forests …Read More

  6. Student Poster Competition & Online Exhibition 2013

    THE SIGGRAPH EDUCATION COMMITTEE SPONSORS THE SPACETIME JURIED STUDENT POSTER COMPETITION & AND ONLINE EXHIBITION 2013. Deadline June 1, 2013 The theme for SpaceTime 2013 is “Left-Right” Selected works will be exhibited at the SIGGRAPH Education Committee Booth at the 2013 Conference and included on the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee web site, and in promotional materials. It provides an…Read More

  7. Scarf Design Competition!

    Great Opportunity for your resume for college applications. Advanced Art USA is sponsoring a design competition for Soroptimist International Foundation. ( www.SISEssex.org) This is an open competition for high school and college students to design scarves for female cancer patients. The deadline is July 30th and you can send up to 4 images with1MB file to contactaau@advancedartusa.com Once your w…Read More

  8. Professor Irvin Tepper Is Joined With Advanced Art USA

    We are pleased to announce that Professor Irvin Tepper is joined with Advanced Art USA. Professor Tepper is currently a professor in the Fine Arts and Industrial Design departments at the Pratt Institute in New York. Tepper earned his bachelor of fine arts degree at the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri in 1969 and his master of fine arts degree in 1971 at the University of Washington in Seatt…Read More

  9. 3D Collagene Mask Editor

    COLLAGENE is a software written to create adaptive and customizable masks our future is made of plastic and is being gradually spat out of a 3D printer. the COLLAGENE project, developed by DO THE MUTATION, explores the border between physical and virtual, connecting computer code’s abstractions with the intimate, visceral dimension of body alteration brought by the mask theme. the topographic a…Read More

  10. Stark Luxury

    Because sometimes sublime scenery and intelligent architecture are far more restorative than liveried butlers or signature cocktails. These days, when it comes to designing hotels and resorts in out-of-the-way places, less is more. Rather than imposing themselves on their spectacular surroundings, these buildings become part of them, sometimes so much so that it’s hard to tell where the natural…Read More