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4 Benefits Of AP Art And Design

From a College Board Approved Online Program

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Our online AP Art and Design course at iArt Institute is designed for high school students that are interested in the industry and would like to explore if art is right for them. However, this program is not only an entryway into art and design, it offers a number of additional benefits to students — no matter their long-term goals. Continue reading to learn more about these specific benefits.

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You Could Get College Credit After Course Completion 

Whether you are looking to pursue art throughout your college career or are just interested in trying it out, our AP Art and Design course can be extremely beneficial as it can get you actual AP credit with a number of different colleges.

No matter where you are within your high school career, you can jumpstart your college career with this AP Art and Design course from iArt Institute. This course is also great for those that attend a school that doesn’t offer an AP Art and Design class. Enroll today to get started! 

Most Students Receive a Score of 4 or Higher!

When building out your portfolio, it is important to understand how AP Studio Art exams are scored to ensure that you set yourself up for success. At iArt Institute, our staff has more than seven years of experience both in teaching how to build your portfolio and what is needed to achieve a high score. 

A testament to this is that the majority of our students at iArt Institute receive a score of four or higher on their portfolios at the end of the course. Ready to begin your AP Art and Design Journey? Enroll today! 


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Earn Excellent Scores From (Real, Actual, Expert) College Board Portfolio Scorers

With our experience and knowledge of the College Board Scorers, we provide our students with the assistance they need to earn an excellent score on their final portfolio. In addition, since we are a College Board approved online program for AP Art and Design, iArt Institute submits our students’ AP portfolios to the College Board on their behalf at the end of the course. 


Whether Your School Offers AP Art and Design or Not, We Teach This Course to Any Student!

We understand that it can be difficult to get your foot in the door of AP Art and Design as a high school student — especially if your school doesn’t offer any specific classes on the subject. At iArt Institute, we are dedicated to providing our AP Art and Design course to any and all students to help them along their artistic journey. Enroll today to get started!

From the initial consultation with the student to submitting their final AP portfolio, our iArt Institute staff strives to provide our students with everything they need to succeed on a College Board level. Get in touch with us today with any questions!


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Who Should Take This Course?

This course is for any student planning on going to college, regardless of whether or not they will pursue art.  Students need not necessarily have prior drawing skills to take the course.  Since 2014, we have been teaching AP Art and Design in online prep courses, so we are extremely experienced. Our instructors will have an initial consultation with students and parents to find out which portfolio type is best for each student.

Get Actual AP Credit After Course Completion

Earn college credit while in high school, even starting as soon as freshman year!

      Click here to find out which colleges will accept AP credit

  • Whether your school offers AP Art and Design classes or not, our online AP Art and Design curriculum teaches this course to any student and we will submit your AP portfolio in May to the College Board for you as we are College Board approved.


Earn Excellent Scores, Guided by College Board Portfolio Scorers

  • Our program was developed by  actual AP Portfolio Scorers
  • The focus of our course is to teach students how to find a student’s artistic voice through a creative approach to making art in 15 works of art throughout a 26-week year long course. We also offer additional tutoring if the student wants it.
  • We will guide students through creativity exercises and sketchbook drawings with specifically designed art projects. Students will meet once or twice each week for 30 minutes to an hour using Zoom or GoToMeetings platforms.
  • We have been teaching our online course for seven years. Our iArt teaching staff is experienced with both teaching AP Readers and scoring AP Studio Art exams, so we know firsthand how portfolios are scored and how to score them, thereby ensuring our student portfolios have the edge necessary for the highest scores.

Hannah Kim

Drawing Portfolio Score 5

Mike Kim

Design Portfolio Score 5

How Does Our Program Work?

Get expert instruction to make highly creative artwork in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort!
Our goal is to get our students the best score, so that they can get college credit and have a college-level art portfolio for the college application process. Students can use the portfolio as a college Art Supplement if they do not go to an art school.

Save time and get better results than a brick a mortar school! Our successful AP art scores prove our program works easily and quickly. iArt teachers are College Board-approved portfolio scorers. Our synchronized instruction means teachers work in real time with students using Zoom where they have access to their files and teachers 24/7.

How Long Does It Take?

Our AP Art and Design program runs for about 6-months or 26-weeks. Each student will meet with his or her instructor two times a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour in “real time” Zoom meetings. All student work will be securely saved to iArt’s Dropbox for easy access at all times. Students will save their artwork for teachers to view before, during, and after classes. The files are saved safely until they submit their finished portfolios to College Board.

Diana Chen

Accepted Yale, Harvard, RISD, Princeton

Yejin Han

Accepted Pratt, Parsons, California College of the Arts with Scholarships

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