1. Professor Irvin Tepper Is Joined With Advanced Art USA

    We are pleased to announce that Professor Irvin Tepper is joined with Advanced Art USA. Professor Tepper is currently a professor in the Fine Arts and Industrial Design departments at the Pratt Institute in New York. Tepper earned his bachelor of fine arts degree at the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri in 1969 and his master of fine arts degree in 1971 at the University of Washington in Seatt…Read More

  2. 3D Collagene Mask Editor

    COLLAGENE is a software written to create adaptive and customizable masks our future is made of plastic and is being gradually spat out of a 3D printer. the COLLAGENE project, developed by DO THE MUTATION, explores the border between physical and virtual, connecting computer code’s abstractions with the intimate, visceral dimension of body alteration brought by the mask theme. the topographic a…Read More

  3. Stark Luxury

    Because sometimes sublime scenery and intelligent architecture are far more restorative than liveried butlers or signature cocktails. These days, when it comes to designing hotels and resorts in out-of-the-way places, less is more. Rather than imposing themselves on their spectacular surroundings, these buildings become part of them, sometimes so much so that it’s hard to tell where the natural…Read More

  4. How Do We Save Files College Board

    Students Will Need Before Submitting Portfolios  Each student is required to enter his or her AP number when submitting his or her portfolio(s) to you.  AP numbers and college codes are located in the AP Student Packs. After your school receives its shipment of AP Exams, your AP Coordinator must provide the Student Packs to your school’s AP Studio Art students. Students will be unable to forwa…Read More

  5. ‘Stolen’ Banksy Mural Withdrawn From Sale At U.S. Auction House!

    Haringey Council told the sale of ‘Slave Labour’ was halted at last minute No explanation was given from the auction house in Miami Locals were left furious after mural was gouged from wall in North London Not for sale: A Banksy mural which was ripped from the wall of a north London shop has been withdrawn from an auction in Miami Street art: This new mural, centre, appeared today in the space…Read More

  6. Drawing Surrealism Exhibition

    Now on View at the Morgan Library & Museum “Sensational “ Bringing together more than 160 works on paper by such iconic artists as Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington, and Joan Miró, this is the first major exhibition to explore the central role of drawing in surrealism, one of the most important movements in twentieth-century art. Location : Morgan Library & Museum 225 Madi…Read More

  7. AP* Studio Art Digital Submission

    The AP Studio Art Exam consists of two components: Digital images and commentary submitted to AP via the Digital Submission Web application Physical portfolios: the Quality section (five actual artworks) for Drawing and 2-D Design portfolios, assembled and mailed to the AP Program Note: The 3-D Design portfolio has no physical component and is submitted entirely online. For more information ple…Read More

  8. What Is A Good Portfolio?

    Making the choice to major in the visual arts for some students can be a tough decision. Not only do you have to go through the academic admissions requirements, but you also have the added pressure of submitting a portfolio of your creative work. For most university art programs and private art schools, your portfolio will play a determining factor in your admission. But the portfolio needn’t b…Read More