1. The changes of AP Studio Art, 2016

    This year, we have 56000 portfolios from all over the united states and other countries as well. College Board allow the detail shots or Photography of progress of their art works.  Meaning that some of students have less art works than 12 in that each section.   There are three sections in AP Studio art. That is 2D, Drawing and 3D. I still believe that 2D is easier to get the better score than …Read More

  2. Join The Human Tradition Of Art

    The earliest known cave paintings of animals were found in Maros, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. According to datings, they were created approximately 35,000 years ago. The earliest known cave paintings of human figures were found in France’s Chauvet Cave, and they are estimated to be about 30,000-32,000 years old. From our earliest beginnings as humans, we have always been compelled to e…Read More