When applying to competitive colleges it is important to stand out.  An art portfolio is unique and brings out your individuality and creativity, which college administrators are seeking.  iArt Institute will create projects based on each student’s personality, strengths, interests, and major the student will be pursuing.

Course Description

This course is for students with little or no art background who would like to have an art supplement when applying to college as a way to boost their profile and make them stand out in the college application process.

How Long Does It Take and How Many Portfolio Pieces Will I Create?

Students need not have any prior experience in art making. iArt recommends students create minimally 12 works that demonstrate a range of media, techniques and subject matter.

The class runs twice a week for 30 minutes to one hour for each meeting, depending on the student’s needs.  Projects take about 1 to 2 weeks to complete. Some types of work students will create are:

  • Observational Drawings
  • Visualize using Imagination
  • Create an artistic style that reflects a unique student voice
  • Provocative portfolio presentation of artwork that helps students stand out.

Creativity is indispensable to be successful in all majors and careers.  We will nurture our students’ creativity in a relatively short period of time, while simultaneously helping to relieve the anxiety that comes with the college application process.  The College Art Supplement can be geared to a student’s anticipated college major as well.  The portfolio will demonstrate creativity and skill that can also be helpful while in college.

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Benefits of iArt

  • Use of unique media including heat transfer and interesting installation will be introduced make the student’s art work unique and stand out.
  • Student will learn to find their voice and style of work that best represents their individuality with college professors in art.
  • Once the program is completed, a recommendation letter will be provided from college professors.
  • We developed our unique Learning Management System (LMS) so that student can have 24-hour access to create art more efficiently in a short time.

How Do We Teach?

Initial Evaluation
The course will be customized for each individual student and takes into consideration his or her targeted college and major. In our initial evaluation, we will discover the student’s strengths and weaknesses.  We will then tailor projects based around the individual student as well as considering the college/university and major they are focused on.

Our Online Teaching Method
iArt’s online teaching method uses real time, face-to-face instruction via Zoom so that students and teachers can communicate effectively. We also synchronize online lessons with our superior Learning Management System (LMS) that contains all lessons by week, including all assignments, supplemental resources, links, videos, and power points with 24/7 access at all times.

Class Meetings
Class will be held two times a week at a time that is convenient for you, with unlimited contact via text and email, any day and at any time. You will meet one-on-one with your instructor with up to three students per class in “real time” Zoom meetings and complete approximately one work of art every two weeks.