♦ Art College Portfolio Prep course includes following services:

  • Evaluation:
    Upon receiving a minimum of 6 works of art, our staff members will review the portfolio to decide if the student is ready to participate in iArt Institute programs. We will then recommend the most suitable major, based on the student’s personality, strengths and goals.
  • Earn College credit through AP* Studio Art:
    We provide a College Board approved AP® Studio Art course in which students create a college-level art portfolio and earn college credit if school accepts their AP® Score).
  • Outstanding College Portfolio through Advanced Technology of 3D Printing and Fabric Printing:
    Our online art classes will provide opportunities for students to be introduced to creating unique art with our in-house large format digital printing and 3D Printing machines.
  • Mentoring Program:
    Students will learn to find their voice and style of work best representing their individuality with art experts and college professors.
  • Recommendation Letter by a College Professor:
    Once the program is completed, a recommendation letter will be provided from our college professors and art teachers.
  • Providing Internship:
    It is great opportunity to build resume and work for a college application portfolio with established artists and college professors.
  • Exhibition:
    We provide opportunities for exhibiting students’ art works and entries into art competitions to help boost resumes before applying to colleges.
♦ Tips for preparing a college application portfolio!
  1. Create original work from direct observation.
  2. Have a variety of subject matter.
  3. Every piece must be a finished work and be neatly presented.
  4. Demonstrate versatility in a range of different media.
  5. Strong drawing foundation skill has to be shown.
  6. Do not draw and copy from the photo or images on line.
Milwaukee Portfolio Day
 Importance of attending National Portfolio Day

Attend a local National Portfolio Day event, where representatives from art schools and colleges with solid art programs across the country are available to critique your portfolio in person.


♦ The Secret to Entering the Top Universities!

Since 2014, the Common Application has added and external art supplement. Any student who is a non-art major can now submit artwork with their college application to show their creativity and help the student stand out among other candidates.

  • Top universities want creative students with diversity of their skills.
  • Outstanding extra curricular activities on a resume can help potential science major students applicants.
  • Impress administrations through demonstrating unique skills and interest, using 3D printing or fabric printing.


The portfolio is the single most important component of an art school application, and colleges across the nation are stepping up their requirements for admission. Most colleges require several observational drawings, or drawings made from what is seen, rather than drawings from imagination or photographs.

Students  will work with still life, landscape, interior, and figurative subject matter as the fundamentals of a good drawing are explored: Composition, Structure, Value, Line, and Expression. 

We are offering online college prep course and on-site classes (Maximum 4 students per class).