The portfolio is the single most important component of an art school application, and colleges across the nation are stepping up their requirements for admission. Most colleges require several observational drawings, or drawings made from what is seen, rather than drawings from imagination or photographs. Students will work with still life, landscape, interior, and figurative subject matter as the fundamentals of a good drawing are explored: Composition, Structure, Value, Line, and Expression. Instruction in drawing techniques will be supplemented with art history discussions, critiques, and presentations about requirements for art and design school admissions. We are offering online course and onsite (Maximum 4 students per class).

A group of teachers from iArt Institute will guide students not only into the school they want, but also to teach them how to be professional artists.

iArt Institute provides these services:

  • Evaluation:

Upon receiving a minimum of 8 works of art, we will review the portfolio to decide if the student is ready to participate in iArt Institute. We will then recommend the best program based on the student’s goals.

  • College Portfolio Preparation:

College professors will guide students through 24 pieces of work to complete their portfolio. They will learn from minimum three different teachers, each with their own style, which will allow the student to choose the best instructor for themselves. Small class with maximum 4 students.

  • Advanced Technology:

In-house large format digital printing and 3D printing printer will be introduced to make the student’s art work unique and stand out.

  • AP* Studio Art:

We provide a College Board* approved AP* Studio Art course in which students create a college-level art portfolio to be scored. This course can be taken before senior year, allowing the student to submit more than one portfolio by the time high school is completed.

  • Three Art Works with Masters:

Students will learn to find their voice and style of work that best represents their individuality with masters and professors in art.

  • Weekly Inspiration for Creativity:

Students will receive educational emails and newsletters for inspiration and learning.

  • Recommendation Letter by a College Professor:

Once the program is completed, a Recommendation Letter will be provided.

  • Building Your Resume:

We provide opportunities for exhibiting work and entries into art competitions to help boost resumes before applying to colleges.