Get into the college of your dreams after completing our iArt College Portfolio course taught by highly experienced professors and art teachers!

Put two great college portfolio here: Celine (Stanford), Isabella (Pratt)

What Makes Our iArt College Portfolio Outstanding?

We will get you noticed as having the most highly successful college art portfolio by showcasing your artistic voice, uniqueness and creativity and impress any portfolio reviewer’s attention!

To accomplish this our experienced team is highly knowledgeable about what art colleges are looking for in a portfolio and we can customize and highlight each student’s unique qualities.  We also introduce our students to a variety of mediums, cutting edge technologies, and provocative ideas that go beyond a typical college art portfolio.

2-3 dye sub or heat transfer images here (example below)

Our teachers meet one-on-one with each student for individual instruction.  Meetings are held two times a week with unlimited contact via text and email, any day and at any time. Each project will take about one to three weeks to complete depends on the project and the student’s abilities.

Upon completion of our course, students will have created 20 high quality art pieces comprised of:

  • Extraordinary observational rendering skills (drawing pieces)
  • Unique design skills (2-D design pieces)
  • Demonstration of occupied and unoccupied space (3-D design pieces)
  • Provocative and creative artwork (Using digital technology and experimentation with multi-media).


Add these two portfolios:

Julia (Cooper Union), Yejin (Parson’s)

The Portfolio

We will initially evaluate students and then customize each project to build on their strengths. If a student chooses to, we can refine and develop any previous works to be included in the final portfolio.  Student will develop concepts for completing their portfolio to meet requirements for up to six art colleges and create 20 college-level works incorporating a wide range of ideas, media, techniques, and skill sets that include:

  • Five 2-D Design Works: Graphic design, 2D design, branding, 3D Modeling (optional), Digital printing on Fabric
  • Ten Analog Works of Art: Drawing, Paintings, Mixed Media, Collage, etc.
  • One 3-D Design Installation Work
  • One 3-D Dye Sublimation Piece (Special Technique Heat Transfer)
  • Three Mixed Media and Sculpture Works (including 3-D modeling)

How Does Our Program Work?

Initial Evaluation

The course will be customized for each individual student and takes into consideration his or her targeted college and major. In our initial evaluation, we will discover the student’s strengths and weaknesses.  We will then tailor projects based around the individual student as well as considering the college/university and major they are focused on.

Online Teaching Method

iArt’s online teaching method uses real time, face-to-face instruction via Zoom so that students and teachers can communicate effectively. We also synchronize online lessons with our superior Learning Management System (LMS) that contains all lessons by week, including all assignments, supplemental resources, links, videos, and power points with 24/7 access at all times.

Class Meetings

Class will be held two times a week at a time that is convenient for you, with unlimited contact via text and email, any day and at any time. You will meet one-on-one with your instructor in “real time” Zoom meetings and complete approximately one work of art every two weeks.

Customized Projects

After an initial evaluation, we customize art project for 20 pieces that include 2-D design, drawing, painting, installation, 3-D design, digital  fabric printing (heat transfer digital printing is our specialty) with modifications designed around each student.  We embrace all mediums including the most advanced and unique digital media that will make your portfolio unique and different.

Editing Work

Students will learn to refine and edit their own art work.

Final Critique

There will be final critiquing by college professors and our experienced instructors.

Recommendation Letter

Once the program is completed, a Recommendation Letter will be provided by our college professors and experienced instructors to the colleges the student is applying to.

Development of Artist Statement (Required)

A clearly written and insightful artist statement is critical to a successful college portfolio We assist in crafting a variety of college essays over three months for an additional fee of $400.

College Application Process (Optional)

Completion of five College Applications as well as follow-up to ensure all documents are completed and securely sent to those colleges at an additional fee of $675.

Other Services (Optional)

Additional services we offer are:

  • Digital Fine Printing (17” x 24”): $45 per print
  • Fabric Printing (45” x 60”): $170
  • Mail Cost When Necessary
  • Special Consultation with Professor of any Art School: $250/hour
  • Refining and Editing 20 artworks for College Slide Rooms: $400.