The most beneficial certificate program for the students who want to be future dentists.

We are proudly announced our Art and Science Program this year. Our future doctors need not only good academic accomplishment but also great inspiration from the best medical faculty of Columbia University and New York University.


Recommendation letter from the faculty member from ivy league university


iArt Institute and S Dental Institute creates program for our students to achieve the best medical profession. We are choosing the best students who are willing to work hard for their future and we will give them the best education, inspiration and consultation including recommendation letter if the students shows the passion and enthusiasm.

Great Resume

The certificate program including following:

  1. First Conference: About the current dental industry
  2. Internship: once a week for 6 weeks
  3. Shadowing doctors
  4. Observing surgery and treatment
  5. 3D Printing technique online
  6. Learning foundation of art and design
  7. College Art Supplement
  8. College Consultation for one year
  9. 2 Recommendation letters from art and dental professors.