We proudly announce that our online AP Studio Art Program is available for all high school students. If your school does not have AP Studio Art program we can help you to launch this wonderful program for your school.

The benefit of our online course is that our teacher will review every student’s Portfolios before they apply to College Board to ensure the best score possible.
Another strong point of our course is that we foster creativity, which is essential for students to become successful independent thinkers.

Our online and studio program is intense but students can produce the quality of art works for AP studio Art relatively in a short time. We also provide free college consultation if he/she wants to go to art college in USA. Our faculty members are from prestige art schools and we will provide recommendation letter if he/she complete the course successfully. We also can provide student’s grade.

iArt Institute is the only private institute approved by College Board to teach AP* Studio Art online course to those students who would like to submit a college-level art portfolio to College Board for a score. Whether your school offers art classes or not, our curriculum can teach and our instructions can tutor our virtual online course to any student who is interested art.

The program has been developed by AP Raters (those teachers who actually score the art portfolios each year for College Board) and we focus on nurturing creativity while learning about the elements and principles of design. Our qualified teachers will supervise your students online.

AP Studio Art Course Description
2D Design Syllabus
Drawing Syllabus
3D Design Syllabus

♦ How do we teach?

  • iArt Institute uses a world recognized learning management system.
  • iArt Institute has a complete online communication solution with a variety of Internet applications. – iArt Institute teach through the most advanced course management system so students can easily download the course materials, upload work for individual critiques and communicate with teacher

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