Congratulations on your acceptance into AdvancedArtUSA’s elite AP Studio Art program. This advanced, college-level course will require serious work and dedication as an artist and student.

Teacher: I agree to help students prepare the AP portfolio by making new information and media available to them, teaching them the skills they will need for creating high quality art, assist them with the preparation of their portfolio, as well as help them to evaluate their own art and provide them with individual critiques. I will make parents aware of any learning or progress problems that may arise so that by working together it can be solved.

Student: I am aware of the criteria for the AP Studio Art course, and I agree to accept the responsibility for the preparation needed to complete the course. This includes:

  • Being a serious artist and completing all art projects on time
  • Working closely with the teacher and following the teacher’s instructions
  • When preparing final portfolio, I must prepare to mail out five original works which have been approved by the teacher for the portfolio and have all 24 works digitally ready and uploaded as 3 MB (maximum) jpeg files (12 Breadth, 12 Concentration) plus a Written Commentary for the Concentration section
  • Agreeing to an honor code of original work.
  • Parent: I am aware of the criteria for the AP Studio Art course, and I agree to help my child work to be successful in the course. I will help organize study time and encourage my child when the pressures of the course begin to build. I will communicate with the teacher any concerns about the course or any learning problems that need to be addressed. I understand that my student will be creating college-level work.

    Code of Honor

    This course will be conducted under an honor code. All students will be expected to do their own work. Violating this code could give students an unfair academic advantage and will result in the student being removed from the course. All artwork submitted towards the AP Studio Art portfolio must be original and must not be a direct copy of another photograph or artwork. Work inspired by another person’s work must be significantly altered and cannot be a direct copy. In addition, having anyone other than the student work directly on the student’s art will be considered cheating and will not be permitted.

    AP Course Credit

    Submission for an AP Studio Art portfolio is mandatory for AP course credit. Students who find they cannot keep up with the pace of the course or are not working to their full potential will be given an opportunity to withdraw at the discretion of the instructor. The completed art portfolio will be due the first week in May for submission.