iArt Institute is a select group of college professors, College Board AP® Score Raters, and well-established artists.

♦ College Board Approved and we teach only online

  • College Board Approved AP® Courses
  • iArt Institute is the only College Board approved online AP®Studio Art provider.
  • iArt Institute is registered as Advanced Art USA to College Board. (The code is 511.)
  • Our AP® Courses have all been successfully audited by the College Board.

♦ iArt Art Programs
  • AP* Studio Art
  • 3D Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Art college Portfolio Preparation
  • Ivy League Art Supplement
  • Internship Program
  • Mentoring Program
  • Art Workshop

♦ What makes the iArt Program different?

1. AP Studio Art class by AP* Score Raters

  • iArt AP® Studio Art program is developed by AP® Score Rater (Our teachers score the portfolio each year.)
  • Teachers focus on nurturing creativity while teaching the elements and principles of design. They help students score high in a shorter time than regular high school AP® classes.

2. Advanced technology to teach art
  • 3D Printing – In addition to traditional brushes and pencils, we offer some of the most advanced artistic tools and resources available for students who are required to engage in S.T.E.M. education content activities.


  • Digital Printing – Use our large format, fabric printers to create unique art.


3. Online Oriented Class
  • iArt Institute has a complete online communication solution with a variety of internet applications and technologies available to students and faculty.
  • Our qualified teachers will guide students online just like a real classroom setting. It is time efficient and lot more effective in conveying the student’s voice.
  • We teach using the most advanced course management system so students can easily download course materials, upload work for individual critiques, and communicate with teachers.

♦ Your success is just one click away!

One of our goals is to find the best way to teach students using the most advanced, new technologies, not available for everyone.

Our online art school, makes it possible to reach students from all over the world. iArt Institute is pioneering new ground in this effort.  We are provide equal opportunity learning with all the benefits of in-class instruction through our personal, one-on-one online teaching methods.

We are becoming a part of successful students’ futures. We help students to build the most unique and creative art portfolios that appeal to not only art major students, but also students in many other fields of study.

iArt Institute assists students in unleashing their potential so they developing their voice as an artist. A student’s creativity is explored through the utility of advanced technologies, as well as online and traditional one-on-one classroom settings. We’ve found these methods work to educate our students in an efficient way with great results.

We teach students how to think creatively, then how to turn their concepts into art so others can visualize their voice, which is vital in creating a successful art portfolio. Students will learn how to develop their creativity and think outside the box.

We bring the most advanced technology, including 3D printing, for our students to experience early on in their formal training as an artist.

We do not teach on site because we are confident to teach online and we use our studio in NJ for director’s studio.  However, if you have any questions about our online program please do not hesitate to call at 201-224-0307 and meet the director anywhere.