The earliest known cave paintings of animals were found in Maros, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. According to datings, they were created approximately 35,000 years ago. The earliest known cave paintings of human figures were found in France’s Chauvet Cave, and they are estimated to be about 30,000-32,000 years old.

From our earliest beginnings as humans, we have always been compelled to express ourselves through art. Our ancient ancestors certainly did. For them, art wasn’t just a means of communicating events or locations. Rather, it was a way to express how they felt about the world, their place in it, and themselves. Since then, all across the globe, artists have honed their talent. They studied artistic schools, learned, focused, and eventually masterpieces were born. There’s one thing that bonds all artists, from the Dutch painter Rembrandt, the Lebanese surrealist Samir Abi Rashed, or the Japanese sculptor and painter Hidari Jingoro. They all had artistic training.

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