What is the central idea of your concentration?
My 2-D Design concentration is about a visual dialog on a variety of subject matter ranging from political and religious themes, family, pop culture, etc. I photographed or used family pictures for many of the images. Then, I used Photoshop and a variety of its filters and effects to create my compositions. My goal was to create strong, thematic compositions that incorporate areas of intensity with areas of rest. I was influenced by Robert Rauschenberg and many of the Pop Artists of the1960s and 1970s.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? You may refer to specific images as examples. When referencing specific images, please indicate the image number.
In image numbers #1 and #2 I began physically collaging images from magazines and then collaged photos of my family onto board. As I became familiar with Photoshop, I scanned images and worked directly in Photoshop to create my work. In #5, I incorporated type as a compositional device, while in #10, I literally scanned my face and created a monochromatic composition with areas of rest and areas of business through adding text and other photos.