How Do We Meet and How Long is the Course?

Students meet in real time via Zoom with their teacher. Our maximum group size is three students per class. Classes will meet twice per week for 6 months.


What If My Art Skills are Not Good?

Although there is no prerequisite prior experiences in studio can benefit students’ success in the Pre-AP Art program. This course focuses on enhancing art skills and techniques through projects working in various mediums. With each project, students refine their techniques, giving them a strong foundation for drawing, painting, digital art, or mixed media at a college level.


How Does It Work?

This course starts by teaching students the basics of drawing and painting and how to properly apply the use of mark-making, line, surface, space, light and shade, and composition, while experimenting with various mediums. Each finished piece helps students to refine their artmaking techniques. Afterwards, students are able to explore a particular drawing topic further and receive a consultation to evaluate the students’ strengths and weaknesses and get an idea of the options they have going forward.


What Will I Learn?

Students will create finished works of art in a variety mediums. Throughout this process, our experienced instructors provide excellent guidance and critique each student individually. Consequently, no matter the skill level of the student, every student will progress at his or her own appropriate pace. In this course, students will learn:

  • Drawing Issues and Approaches
  • Proper Drawing Techniques
  • How to Draw with Various Mediums
  • How to Prepare a Sustained Investigation
  • Incorporating Digital Media Technology