What is the central idea of your concentration?
My concentration is about a junkyard behind my father’s auto body shop. I also drew inside the shop as well. Compositions presented themselves to me everywhere and I found endless things to draw that excited me. I looked for ways to break up the page with shapes and values and I really wanted to create abstract compositions. I used primarily graphite and some pastels to draw interesting value studies based on my photos of that place that has special meaning to me, because it is my dad’s business.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? You may refer to specific images as examples. When referencing specific images, please indicate the image number.
While my drawings for images #1 and #2 are pretty busy overall, in #3 and #6 and #8 I broke up the space and really designed the page. In #7 and #10 I decided to add color with pastels, which added more realism and space to the drawings.