Celina Pyune (University of California)

I enjoyed taking AP* Studio Art and I got 8 credits at the University of California ad Irvine and although I am studying biology, I was able to pass out of two college classes because I took AP* Studio Art in high school.

Steven Severino (Penn State University)

I am in the Interdisciplinary Digital Studio in the school of Art and Architecture at Penn State. I am able to help my fellow art students in college with all that I have learned by taking AP* Studio Art in 11th and 12th grades.


Diana Chen (Yale University)

iArt Institute gave me necessary tools and skills to create works of art that remained true to my vision. Not only was the studio super welcoming, but I felt that I was guided through the process each step of the way. Teachers were incredibly talented and resourceful, and gave meaningful feedbacks. The art supplements that I worked on at iArt were important factors in my acceptance to top universities.