Class meets twice a week for 5 weeks / once a week for 10 weeks

Course Description:

In this course students will learn how to create a concept illustration of a fictional character or creature for student’s art portfolio, movie, game and illustration.

Most film and game art universities require a diverse portfolio that showcases passion for, and skill in fictional character and environment creation.

This course covers the entire workflow from pencil on paper to final digital rendering.

During this course students will develop enhanced  conceptual thinking, drawing techniques for (including fictional anatomy), and basic digital art skills that can be carried over to a range of other digital art disciplines. The course will cover digital painting and texturing basics in Medibang paint pro, which is a completely free industry standard digital art platform that functions on desktop computers and mobile devices..

Students can expect to be guided through the creation process and to have created a polished artwork by the end of it.

After completion of this course, students should be able to create a fictional digital art piece, using any digital medium, ranging from a computer to a mobile tablet.

What you will learn:

  • Sketching rough ideas on paper
  • Creating fictional anatomy basics
  • Taking a pen and paper drawing to the computer
  • Digital Drawing in Medibang Paint Pro
  • Digital Drawing using a mobile tablet
  • Digital coloring
  • Adding effects, working with layer styles and filters in Medibang and Photoshop
  • Using basic 3D techniques for environment perspective
  • Posing a 3D model for reference


Students will develop enhanced conceptual thinking ability and learn how to bring logic to abstract thinking. It is important to be able to find creative inspiration by observing our natural world. Students will learn how to reference real world creatures and phenomena to create a new fictional world and unique stylized organisms.

This course will teach basic drawing skills for stylized graphics such as animation art, game art and graphic novel art

Students will learn how to take a hand drawn sketch to the computer to color and finalize it digitally in Medibang Paint Pro. (A powerful digital art software program that is completely free and a great alternative for students who don’t have access to Photoshop.)

This course will cover basic environment creation and a short introduction to how 3D graphics can be used in 2D art, specifically in environment creation. (A more comprehensive course will be made available in “Stylized Digital Art Part 2” for students who would like to learn the intricacies of environment concept art)

The Teacher:

Barry is a professional Digital Artist with experience working in a variety of contemporary creative fields, including 2D and 3D Computer Graphics, Game Art, Traditional and Digital Illustration and Architectural visualization.

He has worked with renowned animation studios and has contributed to international award winning animated films.

Barry is a seasoned lecturer and has shared his art experience at various educational institutions.