8 Weeks (Class Meets Twice a Week)

Choose either Summer 1 or 2, working in any media on the AP portfolio. Certified College Board Score raters and college professors will help students kick-start  their Art sustained investigation and theme for the year and complete some of the 15 required works.

This course has a two-fold goal to have students tap into their intuitive, spontaneous creative side while at the same time, hone their basic drawing/painting skills.  This will be accomplished through a variety of projects designed to guide and encourage experimentation so students will trust their abilities, leading them to find their artistic voice and be on a fast track to start their AP art sustained investigation portfolio section for next year.



  1. Developing Creativity and Student Voice
  2. Enhance ability to think “Outside the Box”
  3. Increase observational drawing skills
  4. Discover their AP Art Sustained Investigation theme.



Once registered, we will give you a basic art supply list such as pencils, drawing pad, sketchbook, acrylic paint, brushes, colored pencils, and paint pad.