This year, we have 56000 portfolios from all over the united states and other countries as well.

College Board allow the detail shots or Photography of progress of their art works.  Meaning that some of students have less art works than 12 in that each section.   There are three sections in AP Studio art. That is 2D, Drawing and 3D. I still believe that 2D is easier to get the better score than drawing because drawing is just too obvious if the works are good or not.

In order to get the best score, it is important to have experiment, student voice and creativity in their student’s works.  Especially concentration has to show the development, experiment and their struggles to improve their art works with their own voice.  Just well drawing from 1 to 12 would not be score 6.

Photography portfolio is also tricky.  Especially in breadth part students need to show all the different approaches. different technique and different subject matter to show their variety of images.  Lot of students used filters and cool apps. But they have to be really careful to use those filters without their own thoughts.

Over 100 readers were amazing. They were knowledgeable, accurate and fast to score all the portfolios.

Again, I realized how wonderful AP Studio art program is!!  All high school students has to take that course I believe!!!!
teaching is stressful